Preventative Dental Care

Your Healthiest Smile Starts with Preventative Dental Care

Every beautiful smile has a strong foundation. That begins with healthy gums and clean teeth. Our highly skilled hygienists perform gentle and thorough hygiene cleanings, advanced non surgical gum therapy to arrest gum disease (periodontitis) and support their patients in keeping their teeth for a lifetime.

Keeping You Healthy.

Did you know that your oral health has a major impact on your overall body health? That’s why we take preventative care so seriously at Dente Complete Dentistry. We offer regular oral cancer screenings in combination with regular exams with Dr. Couret to monitor, prevent and diagnose dental disease. We also offer Non Surgical Advanced Gum Therapy for patients with gum disease. This treatment quickly and effectively stops the spread of infection and restores the health of your gums without the need for invasive surgery.

Keeping You Smiling

You deserve a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. Preventative dental care also keeps your smile from deteriorating and ensures it stays in tip top shape. Regularly scheduled professional dental cleanings and check-ups prevent bad breath and oral cavities which can lead to yellow teeth and unsightly dark spots. With regular, preventative care, our team identifies and treats problems before they occur.

Keeping You Happy.

Over time, even the best quality dental work may begin to deteriorate. That’s why the Dente team is trained to examine existing restorations to ensure your teeth and gums stay in great condition. Digital dental X-Rays allow our team to resolve dental problems before you ever experience pain. We also offer Emergency Care when needed. We want to keep you as happy, healthy, and pain-free as possible.

Trust your smile to the experts

Book your appointment with us today and experience the best dental care available. Your healthy and happy smile is our top priority!