Oral Conscious Sedation

Say Goodbye to Dental Fear at Dente Complete Dentistry

Our first priority is that you are comfortable, calm and ready. Unfortunately, many people come to us with experiences from the past that have left them fearful of the dentist, of dental procedures and embarrassed about their dental health and smile. We know this. We understand.

We have solutions and many happy patients who will say, “I love coming to the dentist now. There is no one like Dr Couret!”  Our team will answer all your questions, provide anxiety reducing approaches and support you through the process. Oral Conscious Sedation has been a miracle for so many.

What is Oral Conscious Sedation?

Oral Conscious Sedation is one of the safest ways to reduce the anxiety and pain of a dental procedure. In the form of a pill, this “conscious sedation” allows you to be fully in control, awake, but deeply relaxed for your procedure.

We start by having a conversation with you. What do you want to accomplish? What are your past experiences and fears around dentistry? Then we get a baseline of what your blood pressure and oxygen levels are to make sure you’re healthy. Once we have an established treatment plan, we’ll request a doctor’s physical and verification of the medications you are taking. After that you’ll be ready for your Oral Conscious Sedation. Everything we do is with your best interest in mind!

Typically, the night before, we will provide you with the first round of medication, so that you can receive a good night’s rest. The next morning, someone will drive you to your appointment and we’ll check in with you to make sure you’re comfortable. As Dr. Couret says “I do not move forward until you are relaxed and comfortable.” We will provide additional medication at that stage if necessary. The best part about oral conscious sedation is that you won’t really remember the procedure at all, but you’re still in control the whole time, can answer questions, and even go to the bathroom on your own.

Other Anxiety Reducing Measures

Aside from Oral Conscious Sedation, we also apply a topical anesthetic before we proceed. This special numbing cream leaves you virtually pain-free. In addition, we offer nitrous oxide. Nitrous lowers pain and helps with the discomfort of injections. Throughout the entire procedure, Dr. Couret and his staff are constantly monitoring you to ensure you are comfortable, relaxed, and healthy.

Anxiety-Free From The Start

At Dente Complete Dentistry, we specialize in treating anxious patients. Making someone feel comfortable is about so much more than just our treatment options. From the first touch, our team is trained to treat everyone with kindness, respect, and gentleness. Our practice is a judgment-free zone and we even have Spanish Speaking staff.

Trust your smile to the experts

Book your appointment with us today and experience the best dental care available. Your healthy and happy smile is our top priority!