Wrestling Jitters

During high school, I wrestled. Before the matches, I would get very nervous. Sometimes I would even throw up.

My stomach would get into nots, my heart would race, and I would sweat. The thought of getting on the mat, all by myself, in front of 50 people gave me the worst anxiety.

I did not want to look stupid.

I also participated in other sports but in team sports, my mistakes weren’t as obvious because there were other people on the field and I felt like the spotlight wasn’t all on me.

The night before a match, I would get little sleep thinking of my upcoming meet.

All day, in school, the match was on my mind.

And like clockwork, I would get physical reactions once I stepped into the wrestling room.

Many people will have certain activities that will give them extreme anxiety.

For many people, dentistry is one of those activities.

It is estimated that between 30 to 50% of the population will avoid the dentist due to fear of the dentist.

At Dente, we recognize this fear of the dentist and that is why we offer Anxiety Free Dentistry.

With Anxiety Free Dentistry, we offer our patients Anxiety Reducing medications that help them sleep better the night before the appointment and have a stress free dental appointment the next day.

Our patients are very grateful that we are able to offer this service. We are one of the few offices in the Chicagoland area that offer this service.

If you or anyone that you know are anxious about going to the dentist and would like an Anxiety Free Dental consultation, please visit us at mydente.com or call 773-292-1911 to schedule your appointment.

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