The Sound of Music

As I mentioned yesterday, we have changed our music selection at the office.

We used to play classic and alternative rock all the time. Our staff began getting sick of the same songs being played day after day. Then Dulce, our assistant, took it upon herself to make a Dente playlist on Spotify.

She began getting everyone’s input in the office of what music they wanted to put into the playlist. This list got very big and I think we’re up to over 35 hours of music.

Since playing our new playlist I’ve begun to like artists that I thought I would never like.

Probably the biggest surprise to me is that I like Adele. I really like listening to her.

She’s really good!

I typically don’t like that style of music. It’s too sleepy for me. In the past, people have told me that I should listen to Adele but I have refused because I thought that I wouldn’t like it.

At the office, I gave it a try. At first, I was feeling “so-so” with Adele’s music, then I began to like it more, as I gave it a chance.

This happens in dentistry too. Doing a cosmetic smile change, the person may not be sure if this is the direction they want to go in, until they see it in their mouth.

That is why we will make a prototype of the potential changes, insert the prototype into their mouth and see how the new changes look in their face.

We are testing to see how the color looks, how the size and shape look, how they bite or chew, and whether they are able to talk properly with their new smile and things like that.

Many times, a patient will want the whitest teeth possible and once they see their smile and how it looks on their face, they decide whether it’s too white or that they love it.

Sometimes we see a patient and they will initially think the new teeth look too big and then over time, they will begin to love the size of the teeth.

Testing out any cosmetic changes is a big part of the process and it’s a key component to having a happy patient at the end of the process.

If you are looking to make some cosmetic changes with your smile and would like a consultation, please contact us at or call 773-292-1911 to schedule your appointment.

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