The Family Connection

As I mentioned yesterday, I was in Washington DC at a dental conference this past weekend. One of the things that I love about going to different cities is the different ethnic groups that populate the area.

Prior to going to Washington DC, I probably met two Ethiopians in my lifetime. On this trip, I met over 10 Ethiopians. It turns out that DC has a big Ethiopian population. And these people were awesome.

They were very nice and pleasant to talk to. They had a great sense of humor.

All of the people that I met were employees of the businesses that we went to. When I asked them how they got their job, all of them said they were referred by a family member or friend. This was not a surprise to me.

When most companies have a good employee, they will ask that employee if they know any other good workers.

Usually these employees will be friends or family.

This is no different when you are looking for a new dentist.

The best way to find a new dentist is to ask friends or family if they have a good referral.

Your friends or family may be looking for a new dentist. Dentistry is going through a transformation. Many mom and pop dental offices are being purchased by these massive corporations.

Once the corporate dental clinic gets in there, they begin to change everything that made that office so special. You may begin to notice that every year there is a new dentist and the staff is always changing.

The patients begin to lose the connection they once had with the new ownership. This is a very common story.

If your loved ones are going through the same thing and are looking for an experienced office that offers consistent quality care, please visit us at or have them call 773-292-1911.

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