Squeeky Clean

I like to have a clean car. I hate having a messy car with papers and stuff all over. It really makes me nuts.
A few years ago, I discovered this automatic car wash facility by my house. It’s a subscription type of car wash.
Every month I pay $30 and I could have my car washed an unlimited amount of times during that month.
Nearby, we have a few car washes with this kind of subscription service. I particularly like this one because I really like their customer service.
Most of the places that offer this type of subscription model are totally automated. There may be one employee on the premises that’s there just in case there are any problems.
This one that I go to, is a nice combo with automation and human interaction.
You first have your car go through an automated car wash while you still stay in the car.
During the whole process the carwash has signs that tell you what part of your car is being cleaned.
For example, you’ll pass a sign that says the “undercarriage” is being cleaned, then your “tires” and so on.

After you leave the carwash section, you can choose to have your car's interior be cleaned by people. You’re greeted by a friendly employee and they ask you which areas of the car you wish to focus on.
Then it’s placed on this conveyer belt and the car is taken through this assembly line of people.
One person focuses on the carpets, One focuses on the mirrors, and so forth.
Then your car leaves the assembly line like it was brand new.
Having a combo of technology with human interaction is how I like to make most of my purchases.
It’s how I designed my dental office.

We definitely have technology in our office. Many of my patients will come in and say, “What new toy did you buy this week?”
All of the things I buy are things to improve the dental experience.
For example, many of our patients would complain how they hated taking dental impressions. They hated the dental material dripping down their throat and gagging them.
When digital impressions became available, we purchased it to accommodate those patients that hate traditional dental impressions.

Every tech purchase I get, is to enhance the human experience…not to get rid of it.

For example, many dental offices are going towards an automated phone system. When you call the office, you’ll hear an automated message that will say, "If you want this department press one, if you want that department, press 2, if you want that department press 3", etc.
Then you press a number and reach another automated message. I hate this type of technology.
Having a good relationship with our patients is the cornerstone of our dental office. Many of our patients have been with us since we opened. And when they call us during business hours, they speak with a team member at Dente.
If you are looking for a dental office that focuses on giving you the best customer service, visit us at mydente.com or call 773-292-1911.
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Emilio "At the Car Wash" Couret

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