Skokie Life

I grew up in Skokie. One of the best things about Skokie is I grew up trying a lot of different ethnic foods.
My favorite all time food is Middle Eastern food.
When I was 10 years old, we had this new restaurant called the Pita Inn, that open up. It was this fast food middle eastern restaurant. My friend’s family ordered it once and had me try it. The second I ate it, I loved it.
One day, when I was 10 years old, I rode my bike to the restaurant and order my meal. The owner of the restaurant worked the cash register. I gave my order to him but when it was time to pay, I reached into my pockets and realize I had no money.
The owner begin to laugh hysterically and tell me, “No worry. You pay me later…pay me later.” Then he handed me the bag of food, with this huge smile on his face.
I jumped on my bike and moved my legs as fast as I could. I would not stop peddling until I reached my house. Then I ran into the house and ask my grandma for some money. I told her I had this unpaid debt and I needed to resolve it IMMEDIATELY.
She came from an era when you paid off your debts as quickly as possible and so she understood my angst.
Then I jumped on my bike and I think I peddled even faster to get to the restaurant in order to settle my tab. I was completely sweaty and panting.
I walked up to the cash register and handed the owner his money. He then said to me, “NO NO NO. Not now, later…later.” He gave me a big smile and handed me my change.
I would frequent the restaurant and began knowing all the employees. Many of them were Mexican and I would speak Spanish to them. I have been going to the restaurant since I was 10. Many of the guys that were the cooks, have now become store managers in his multiple locations.
The food was great but the people that worked their were phenomenal. Many of them have worked at the Pita Inn for decades and still have the same friendliness and enthusiasm as in the early days.
Some of my friends that live in Skokie, like the Pita Inn also. But this time, they introduced me to another restaurant. They love this Lebanese restaurant in Lincolnwood called Libanais. I finally made the trek to Libanais.
The food was really good and our server was awesome. We had an amazing time with our friends. I would definitely go back.
But I need to admit something…I felt guilty eating at Libanais. I felt like I was cheating on The Pita Inn.
The main reason why I go to the Pita Inn is because of the people. It’s why I keep going back. They make my experience there special.

It’s why I drive from La Grange to Skokie to get a falafel sandwich.

Similarly, I 100% believe that our patients have been so loyal to Dente because of their connection with us.
We have many patients that have been our patients for almost 20 years.
A lot of them have moved to suburbs, all over the city, and still see us.
When they come in for their appointments, it's like having a friend visit. They know everything about our lives and we know everything about them.

People will ask me about what I like most about my job.

The number one thing I love most about my job, is the people that I work with and the patients that I treat. We have an awesome team that gives 100% each time they come into work. And we have awesome patients.
If you would like us to meet your friends and family, or make us a part of your friends list, visit us at or call 773-292-1911, and we would be happy to schedule them.
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Emilio "Taste Tester" Couret