See It Before You Buy

As I told you yesterday, our new puppy Luca, likes chewing up everything.

One of the things that he chewed up was my charging cord for my laptop. This is the laptop where I write all my stories. I did not have a lot of battery charge left on my laptop and was going to need to conserve all the juice that I could, in order to write my final draft.

I will rarely write something that I liked on the first draft. So this time, for the first draft, I had to write it out the ol’ school way with a pen and paper.

I can have a story in my head and write it down.

But I need to see it on the paper to know if I will like the story.

I’m a very visual person and I need to see it laid out, to really know if this story is worthy of my readers.

This is especially true for me in dentistry.

Many times, a patient will not like a certain imperfection on their front tooth. It may be a gap or a chip or something like that.

Before I can provide any treatment, I will place some cosmetic bonding on the tooth, so we can test the look out. This is done without gluing it permanently, then we can pop it off easily.

I will show the patient, in their mouth, what my idea is and how they would look with the cosmetic changes. This is all done before they commit to any permanent changes. They can make adjustments or express ideas they would like to add or change.

If the patient likes the ideas we've come up with, then we will move forward with doing the dental treatment.

Doing a trial run of the cosmetic changes is the best way to reduce surprises. It's a good way of seeing if the cosmetic changes for your smile will be worth the trouble.

No mockup photo, using photoshop, of a person's smile changes is better than seeing it in your mouth.

In my opinion it’s the most important part of the procedure. It helps set expectations and give a person a realistic view of what their new “Colgate” smile will look like. (I should say their "Dente Smile!")

If you want to change your smile and want to know your options, please visit us at or call 773-292-1911 to schedule your cosmetic dental consultation.

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