Pigging Out

Last week, we posted how the team at Dente, celebrated our end of the year office party at Swift and Sons Steak House.

We pick a different restaurant each year. We always pick places that offer exceptional service and great food.

We like to see how it feels to be taken care of as a customer.

Most of the time, I love the way all the employees take care of us. From the valet, all the way to the manager.

The whole process is usually excellent start to finish. But sometimes we will go to restaurants that are too stuffy. Almost too proper.

Many people will call that Great Customer Service, but for me I find it unrelatable.

I am not that type of guy and I don’t like being in places that treat me like that.

I like having fun. I like being in places that have that same outlook on life.

Great customer service for some people means one thing and for others it means another.

For example, I have friends that hate human interaction when purchasing a product. They want the computer interface to be easy and quick. They want to be able to read a bunch of reviews on the product then make the purchase.

I am completely opposite to that.

I liked to be helped by a person who is an expert in the field. I like for them to listen to what problem I’m trying to solve and then give their recommendation.

I prefer the human interaction because I’m able to hear the salesman’s enthusiasm on the product and read their body language. Things I can’t get from a written review.

If you enjoy our customer service, more than likely, your friends and family will like us too. Send them our way. Have them contact us at mydente.com or call 773-292-1911 to schedule an appointment.

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