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Whatever your parents tell you is stupid and whatever anyone else tells you is brilliant.

I’ll give you some examples: I am on Finn about his eating. He loves eating junk food. Whenever he makes some money with snow blowing or mowing the lawn, he’ll immediately take his money, get on his bike and go to the gas station by our house and buy some candy.
He loves eating carbs and avoids eating any meat or vegetables.
I am constantly telling him that he needs to improve his diet if he wants to get taller and stronger.
Then he’ll say, “Ok yea yea dad.” He completely ignores me and goes on eating his junk food.

He and his friends play a lot of sports. After school, they’ll do some activity and his coaches will stress that if they want to get better, they need to eat the right foods.
After his practices, he’ll come back asking for chicken and broccoli. It’s as if an alien abducted my kid and replaced him with a clone that loves healthy food.
Here’s another example. When he was little, he loved watching Power Rangers and Teenage Ninja Turtles. These tv shows gave him the itch to learn martial arts.
We had this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu place by our house and we signed him up there.
These guys were hard core and demanded respect. They pounded into their head that they needed to respect their elders and most importantly, their parents.
Whenever he would come home after jujitsu, he was the most pleasant, obedient kid that I have ever met.
I always try to correct his tone and his mouthiness, but when he went to jiu jitsu, they would do it for me.

Listening to others is a very common thing. Many of us will go online to find out what ailments we have.

We’ll look up a sore throat and they’ll give 40 reasons for a sore throat but the only one we see is that it could be cancer.
Or we’ll look up tooth sensitivity and all we see is that the tooth needs to be pulled out and get an implant.
For many people, going to an outside source for medical and dental questions is a result of anxiety.
We are afraid of the discomfort that we are feeling but we are too afraid to see a doctor because we are concerned they may give us bad news or it will hurt.

Avoiding the dentist due to fear is the biggest reason why people avoid the dentist.

Here at Dente, we recognize that fear and that is why we offer Anxiety Free Dentistry.
A patient that is fearful of the dentist is given anxiety reducing drugs. These medications help the patient relax and get through the appointment stress free.
These appointments are very common in our office.
People seek us out throughout the entire Chicagoland to provide this service.
It’s unfortunate that more dentists don’t offer Anxiety Free Dentistry. I’m happy we are able to help.
If your anxiety is keeping you from going to the dentist, ask us about an Anxiety Free dental consultation. Visit us at or call us at 773-292-1911.

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Emilio “Breaking the Cycle of Fear” Couret
Finn is like every other kid in this world.