Nixta is the Jam

Last week I wrote about how me and my family went to Austin Texas over the Memorial Day weekend.

We loved Austin. The town is a lot of fun. The food and people are fantastic.

We went to many restaurants, but our favorite was Nixta. Nixta is a restaurant that serves Mexican food but in a non-traditional way.

Things on the menu are duck carnitas tacos, beet tartare tostada, cauliflower taco and things like that.

When we arrived at the restaurant, the staff were great and very welcoming.

They were constantly checking on us to make sure we were comfortable, and our needs were being met.

The restaurant's owner was the chef and was on the premises to ensure everything went perfectly.

Our meal was outstanding, but our service was even better. The staff were down to earth and genuinely good people. When they found out we were from out of town, they made a list of restaurants we needed to try.

It was those details and that care that made our experience phenomenal.

At Dente, we try to achieve that level of attentiveness. We greet everyone with a smile and a warm welcome. Many people will describe going to our dental office as going to a friend’s home.

And that’s on purpose and by design. That is always how I envisioned Dente being even before I opened it.

I wanted it to be a welcoming and a fun place that offered exceptional care.

Dente opened in 2006. The founding dentist, that is me, is still the one that treats each patient. In a business climate changing to the corporate dental model, this is becoming unique.

If you are looking for a dental office that makes you feel like they are genuinely happy to see you and get consistent care, please visit us at or call 773-292-1911 to schedule your appointment.

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