Music Wars

As some of my patients know, 93XRT Chicago, was the radio station that I would have on all the time in the office. I did this for years but began getting sick of all the commercials that played. Every other song would be a commercial and it became very annoying.

Then someone suggested that I should use Spotify to play music in the office. They said that Spotify did not have any commercials and we would only hear music. Spotify became a great solution.

Every morning, I would get into the office and put on some type of classic rock radio station. We were hearing my type of songs every single day. Then the staff got sick of playing the same tunes and began to complain that they were tired of my music selection.

We then scheduled our music to where each person had a day where they could select their own music.

One day would be classic rock.

The next day would be salsa music.

The next day would be country and so on and so on.

I became tired of hearing one music genre for an entire day and Dulce, my assistant, suggested we make our own music selection. She recommended that we all put in the songs we like and Spotify would randomly select songs off this list of songs.

We created a Dente playlist of the songs all of us like and we are now up to over 30 hours of music. Now we will hear a little bit of everything, from classic rock, 60's R&B, 90/2000's pop, Salsa, etc. Even some Disney songs.

Now, our patients will comment how our music is all over the place. They may be listening to Tom Petty then it would go to BackStreet Boys then to Johnny Cash. And they love it.

I love the randomness of the music.

I definitely have my favorites, but I have grown to appreciate some new artists since I have begun listening to our new system.

Trying new things is important whenever we want to make a change.

We tried different ways of playing the music in the office until we got what we liked.

In dentistry, it’s no different.

Whenever we want to make cosmetic changes, we try it out in the mouth first. We test it out to see how the new changes look inside your mouth and how your face changes.

We want to make sure that the patient is happy with the new smile before we move forward with any irreversible changes with their teeth.

We will make a plastic prototype of the changes we want and place it into the patient's mouth, to see how the changes look. It gives the patient the confidence they need to move forward with the cosmetic changes.

If you want to move forward in your smile journey and would like a cosmetic consultation, please visit us at or call 773-292-1911 to schedule your appointment.

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