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I’ve been asked many times that I should show more "before and after" stories and pictures of my dental work.
Whenever I finish a case, I think, "Oh I should have taken a photo of this!"
Well this time I remembered.
This patient came in with a severely decayed tooth.
The tooth was really broken down and in the past I would have placed a porcelain crown on this tooth.
Now, my treatment recommendations are a lot more conservative.
The main thing that we are trying to accomplish is to have the restoration last a long time and at the same time, conserve as much of the original tooth structure as possible.
Let's take a look together:

The blue protection thing in the photos is called a rubber dam. It allows me to isolate the teeth in a specific area.
I love using it because it keeps the tooth clean and sterile while I'm working on it. It allows me to perform great dentistry…and I love the way the photos look with it on.
You can see in the first image that the tooth is broken down and decayed.
What we would need to do is remove all that decay. Then have a lab make a restoration that fits perfectly over the existing tooth structure.
This restoration is called an Onlay or Overlay. It's a beautiful, natural looking restoration that is the same color as your tooth. Making your smile whole again.
The seam between the restoration and the tooth is smooth like glass. The gums respond well and the tissue is nice and healthy.

And we save a lot of natural, healthy tooth structure, which is what I always aim for.
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