Jumping Around

I grew up with parents and grandparents that believed you should stay with a company until you retired.

I think that’s been my philosophy about work too.

Nowadays, people coming out of school have a different philosophy. Their philosophy is that the quickest way of moving up and getting more pay is by jumping around from company to company.

And I’ll tell you, I think it really works…if that’s your only objective.

When I have new dentists come to me for advice, I discourage jumping around office to office.

Yes, each office may offer you more money but you need to be in one office long enough to see your failures.

You see…when you get started you are perfecting your technique. The best place to see if your technique is solid is during your hygiene appointments. During the hygiene appointments, you check your patients every 6 months and are also checking your work.

At that time, you are seeing how YOUR WORK is holding up. Sometimes it takes several years before you start noticing that some of your work is breaking down sooner than it should.

Those are great learning experiences that only happen when you stay put in one place for many years, seeing your same patients over and over.

I’ve been in the same dental office for over 18 years. In that time I’ve seen over 10,000 patients.

I’ve done thousands of procedures. And have techniques and procedures that have worked and others that have failed.

If I wouldn’t have been at the same office for all that time, I never would have seen my failures and maybe even thought that I was so sweet.

Practicing at the same location keeps you humble, and more importantly, makes you a better clinician. And to me, that’s my ultimate goal.

Getting better everyday is what I strive for each and every day.

I am the founder of Dente. I opened Dente in 2006 and I’ve worked hard to improve each day in every aspect of the business.

To me, Dente is not just a job. It’s a big part of my identity.

Starting something from your imagination and seeing it materialize, creates a huge connection to your identity.

I think you’ll see it the second you walk into our facility.

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Emilio "Growth Happens Everyday" Couret