I’m Batman

When we went to Austin, Sarah and Finn had a bunch of stuff they wanted to see. One of the things that Finn wanted to see was this bridge that has bats fly out at sundown.

In downtown Austin, there’s a bridge on Congress Avenue that has thousands of bats fly out at sundown. Apparently, it’s a very cool thing to see and Finn was all in.

We went to the area where this event was going to happen and were told we would see people gathering for the same event.

Just as we were told, there were people gathering at the Congress Avenue bridge. There was an area below the bridge and Finn wanted to go there to get a better look.

As sundown came, bats began to fly out one by one. At first, they were pretty far away and hard to see. Then they began to get closer and fly really close to our heads.

I am not one of those guys that thinks bats are cute. Actually, I think they are pretty disgusting animals and remind me of flying rats.

A bunch of times they flew very close. They were extremely fast and hard to see.

But one came so close that I heard a loud SWOOSH and a gust of wind hit my face from the velocity of the flying rodent.

Now my mind was going to a negative place.

I was imagining one of those bats nailing me in the head and me getting rabies or something crazy like that.

I immediately told Finn and Sarah let’s get out of here. I was getting freaked out in the space that we were in.

Going to the dentist can become a space where a lot of people get freaked out.

Here at Dente, we recognize that fear and it's why we offer Anxiety Free Dentistry.

A patient that is avoiding the dentist because of fear, is given anxiety reducing medication.

This medication helps the patient to relax and get through their dental appointment pain free.

Many of these patients will comment on how the Anxiety Free dental appointment was their best appointment ever.

If you or someone you know is avoiding the dentist because of fear, please have them visit us at mydente.com or call 773-292-1911 to schedule their Anxiety Free dental consultation.

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