Hanging With His Bros

My son, Finn, has had the same friends since pre school. They have about 30 boys in his grade and most of them have been friends since they were 4 years old. They have a tight crew.
Many of them began playing soccer, baseball, and basketball together at about 4 years old.
They now have a school basketball team for the 5th grade.
They have only lost 2 games this year.
They have 2 really good players and the rest are decent players as well.

I think the secret to their success is how much they get along. They have a huge amount of camaraderie.

The entire team will sit together and they all get along. No cliques.

If they have a teammate who hasn’t scored in a few games, they will get together before the game and identify who they will get the ball to, so they can score. When that person scores, the entire team will celebrate and give that boy multiple high fives.
They have a very close group and no one player tries to outshine the others. They definitely have a team mentality. You feel it once you walk into their gym.
Every good team needs that type of unselfishness. Whatever is best for the team.

We have that at Dente.
Many businesses will have battles between the different departments. One department will feel that they are doing more work than the other and so on.
At Dente, most days you will see the front desk helping out the assistants. And then you will see the assistants helping in the front.
They are all concerned with helping their coworkers get through the day in the most efficient way.
That camaraderie is felt the second you step into our office. You hear people laughing, having fun and enjoying each other's company.
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