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As I wrote last week, we went to Austin, Texas, for the Memorial Day weekend.

Austin is a very cool place with great music, great people, and great food. A couple of my friends that live in and spent a lot of time in Austin, gave me a list of things to do and places to eat.

We went to some great restaurants with a variety of food.

We had great Mexican food, seafood, BBQ, ice cream, coffee shops, and the list goes on. I will definitely need liposuction after this trip. LOL

We also went Kayaking and went to see bats fly from under a bridge, not too far from our hotel.

We only saw a few bats and not the usual thousands of bats, but it was still fun.

We met a ton of people who were also waiting for the bats to fly out. We met people from New York, Boston, Philly, and Chicago.

That part was probably more fun than the actual bats.

Not only did I have fun, but my son Finn said it was his favorite vacation and he said he wanted to go to the University of Texas, Austin. We’re a bunch of years away from that but it’s good to have goals.

Friends of mine have recommended Austin in the past and it was friends that made all the recommendations for our daily activities. I knew that I was going to love it because the people that recommended it were people whose opinions I valued.

Your friends and family also value your opinion. A lot of them have had their dentist retire within the last few years. Many of them are not too happy with the new dentist that took over the practice.

They are now, what some of us call in the industry, “dentally homeless.” In their mind, they are looking for a new dentist but don’t know where to find one.

They’ll sometimes ask their physician and usually their physician will give a lukewarm recommendation. They’ll say something like this, “Well there’s this dentist down the hall, why don’t you give him a try. I don’t know anyone that goes to him but he seems nice.”

Getting recommendations from family and friends are always the best referrals. These people know you the best. Their likes and dislikes are very similar to yours.

Whenever any of your friends start talking about how they are not loving the dentist that bought out their old dentist, please send them our way. Have them contact us at or call 773-292-1911 to schedule their new patient consultation.

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