Four Eyes Are Better Than Two

Glasses are relatively a new thing for me. I first got fitted for reading glasses about 11 years ago.

I noticed that in order to read something, I had to hold the piece of paper far away from my face. This was the sign that I needed reading glasses. Many of my friends were getting glasses around that time as well.

Every few years, I have to get my eyes checked to update my prescription. The last few times my prescription did not change.

A few weeks ago, I needed to get new glasses.

My current ones were a few years old and looked horrible with scratches all over them (the dog, Luca, got to them).

So I decided that I should get my vision reevaluated.

The optometrist tested my close up vision and my far away vision. When she was done with the exam, she asked me if I wanted to get progressives. I responded , “You mean bifocals!” She then responded, “Yes.”

She noticed that I wasn’t convinced that I needed them, so she put a series of letters up on the wall. She asked me to look at them. Then she placed some glasses on my eyes and asked me if the letters looked sharper. I responded with a disappointed tone, “Yes, they do.”

I never noticed that my vision from far away was getting worse and it took an expert to help diagnose it.

We are very adaptable creatures. Many times, we won’t notice changes until an expert discovers them.

Dentistry is no different.

At Dente, we have over 20 years of professional experience. The only dentist you will see is me.

Seeing the same provider, for each visit, brings consistency to YOUR treatment and care.

We will let you know the things that we discover in your mouth, how to treat it, and what will happen if you do nothing.

You can decide to move forward with the recommendation or not. As always, we respect your decision.

If you have not been to the dentist in a while and would like to get your teeth and gums evaluated, please visit us at and call 773-292-1911 to schedule a consultation.

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