The most important thing to do when building any business is finding the right team.

We’ve been here since 2006 and had employees come and go. We have come across different types of people, as a result.

When you've been around for that amount of time, choosing the type of people to work with you, starts with developing an instinct of who’s going to work out and who is not.

Five years ago, we were interviewing for an assistant job. We had seen a bunch of applicants and didn’t get the feeling that any of them were the one.

Then Dulce showed up for her interview. We liked her vibe and felt she might be the one.

We had her return for a working interview and while she was there, everyone was coming to me saying that she was the one we had to hire.

We gave her a job offer on the spot.

Dulce’s has worked at Dente for the last 5 years. We have loved working with her. She’s very funny and makes us laugh almost daily. Dulce’s gift is how she makes people feel comfortable. Especially older people. She has an extreme amount of patience and empathy towards older people.

Last Friday was Dulce’s last day at Dente. She will be taking a break from working in dentistry.

We all wish her all the best. Thank you, Dulce, for the five years of hard work, dedication and joy.

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