Dog Habits

Recently my family bought a dog, Luca. We got her in 2023. I resisted the idea of buying this dog because I knew how much work they are and at this point in my life, I’m looking to simplify my life, not complicate it. As you can see, I lost that argument. LOL.

He’s a very cute and affectionate dog. He loves to be petted and loves giving lots of licks.

One of the things he loves that isn’t so cute is chewing stuff up. For example, if your jacket is on the back of a chair, he will grab the jacket, pull it down, and chew off the zipper. Nothing could be left at dog level because he will grab it and chew it up.

Another habit that we’ve had to alter is leaving the door open. Finn, in the past, would come in and out of the house.

He would leave the front door wide open.

He has since changed this habit because the dog would get out and run down the street. Then he would cross our street back and forth as we chased him. He thought it was a game.

For me, change could sometimes be a hard thing. A lot of times, I want to resist change because I like the way it is.

In dentistry, we are seeing a major change happening. We are seeing the old mom and pop business model becoming extinct. That model was the one where you saw the same dentist your entire life.

They treated your entire family and you trusted them because you had a connection to them. They knew you and your oral health.

Now, the business model that has overtaken the entire industry is the corporate model. With this model, you are more than likely to see a different provider each dental appointment. A lot of times it’s a recent grad from dental school, who has very little dental experience. That constant changing of providers makes it difficult to create a level of consistent quality care.

Seeing the dentist is a scary thing for many people. An important part of having a pleasant dental appointment is trusting that the dentist will not hurt you. This can only happen with years of interaction and having positive experiences over a period of time.

Dente has been open for almost 20 years now. Dente was founded by me and I’m the only dentist that will be treating you. It’s rare to find that nowadays.

If you are sick of the corporate dental model and looking for a dental office with over 20 years of experience, please visit us at or call 773-292-1911 to schedule a dental appointment.

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