Coping Mechanisms

Everyday at work, I see people's coping mechanisms when they are trying to manage their dental anxiety.

We have people who bring in their headphones and listen to a book, podcast or music, while they are getting their dental treatment. The sound of the drill sets off their anxiety and this helps them get through the dental appointment.

Others will pinch a part of their body, like their hand, leg, or arm, while getting the injection.

The anticipation of the injection pain is what sets off their anxiety.

When I ask them if the injection was painful, the overwhelming majority will tell me, "No," but it’s their ritual and it’s what works for them.

I have this patient that I’ve been seeing for years and I noticed a new coping mechanism. I saw her clasping her right hand and her left hand together as if they were holding onto the other hand.

I asked her why she did that during her dental appointments. She then told me that when she was a little girl, her mom used to hold her hand during her dental appointments and doing it now, feels like her mom is with her during her appointment.

I thought this to be very cute and by far it’s my favorite coping mechanism.

Many people will have some type of coping mechanism to help them get through their dental procedures. But for many people, no coping mechanism will work for them.

In years' past, I have heard stories like, "I want to get my hubby and to get his teeth checked out but he’s extremely scared of the dentist."

Hearing this, quite frequently, I realized that there was a huge percentage of the American population that was avoiding the dentist because of fear. That is when I started to investigate what the solution would be.

That is when I found Anxiety Free Dentistry.

A patient is given anxiety reducing medication before their dental appointment. This helps them get to a relaxed state and helps them to have the best dental experience they’ve ever had.

If you are scared of going to the dentist and would like an Anxiety Free Dental consultation, please visit us at and call 773-292-1911 to schedule an appointment.

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