Changing of the Guard

I’ve known Dr. Melissa Connell for almost 20 years now. She is the owner of Magnolia Pediatrics. We opened our offices at about the same time.

Whenever anyone would ask me for a pediatric dentist referral, she has always been the one that I’d recommend. She sees my own son and my nieces. It’s who I trust.

When Melissa told me that she and her family had moved to South Carolina, I knew it was a matter of time before she would be transitioning Magnolia to another dentist.

Melissa and I have an amazing relationship and she treats all of our patients with such great care.

Last week, Dr Connell called me and told me that she had sold her practice to another dentist.

She told me her name was Rupal Naik. I instantly knew who she was.

In the dental field, you will hear the names of dental practitioners and what type of reputation they have.

Dr. Naik has a great reputation for being an amazing dentist in the area. She has been practicing as a pediatric dentist for 17 years now.

She has the same philosophy as Dr. Connell and myself, which is, “What would I do if this was my kid?”

I am extremely sad to see my friend, Dr. Melissa, move away. I really enjoyed our conversations on running a dental office and our collaboration.

But at the same time, I’m looking forward to developing a new relationship with Dr. Naik and having our patients treated with the same excellent care that Dr. Connell provided.

My son will continue to go to Magnolia and be treated by Dr Naik. Welcome to Magnolia, Dr. Naik.

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