Celebrating 50 Years

When we lived in the city, one of our go to restaurants was El Tapatio Café, on Addison and Roscoe.

I’ve been going there for over 30 years.

When we arrived there on Saturday, the restaurant was celebrating their 50 year anniversary.

They had Roscoe blocked off and had placed extra tables on the street.

They also hired a mariachi band and a Mexican band that played all the old Mexican classics.

It was an all out party.

El Tapatio was started by a husband/wife team, Julie and Jose Parra, in 1974. They built the restaurant with many of their Mexican food family recipes.

The restaurant is now run by their son, Mauricio, and on Saturday, he celebrated their 50 year anniversary. Employees who helped their family grow the business were there to help celebrate. It was very cute to see.

There was one employee in particular that stood out to me. She was their chef of 44 years. She was up there with her cane and told the audience that she worked there all those 44 years, because they were good people who cared about her. She talked about that she felt that she was a part of the family.

The entire restaurant has that family feeling, the second you walk in. It’s a big part why love going there.

Dente has that same family feel vibe.

I opened Dente almost 20 years ago. Most of the our team has been working here for 5 years and up. Zhana has been here for over 13 years.

Everyone is greeted with a smile and a warm hello.

Our patients know what’s going on in our lives and we know what’s going on in theirs.

It’s a big reason why we’ve retained many of our patients. Many of them will move away to the far suburbs and still make the track into the city to be treated by our team.

It makes my heart swell when I see someone in our office who’s traveled over an hour to see us.

The way that our patients feel and how they are treated, is what makes Dente stand out.

If you are sick and tired of the corporate dental model and are looking for a family owned dental office, please visit us at mydente.com and call 773-292-1911 to schedule your appointment.

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