Addicted to Great Stories

I live in La Grange and my commute can sometimes take over an hour.

I listen to music all day in the office, so on my way home, I usually don’t listen to music while I’m driving.

I’ll sometimes listen to a podcast but lately I’ve been listening to books. A lot of times I’ll get book recommendations from friends.

The last book that I listened to was Andre Agassi’s autobiography called Open.

One of my friends dropped his kid off at the University of Miami.

He listened to the book the whole way back. He said he couldn’t stop listening.

Him and I have very similar likes and dislikes. He told me that he knows that I would love the book and I should give it a listen.

I just finished the book and he was right…I loved it.

It only took me one week to complete the book. I too couldn’t put it down and looked forward to my ride to and from work. I acted quickly to my friend’s recommendation because I knew that I would like it.

Recommendations from friends and family are always the best. Even in dentistry.

The dental professional is going through a massive transition. Many of the family owned dental offices have been getting gobbled up by private equity.

The culture of the office changes pretty quickly.

The once warm and welcoming office becomes more corporate and sterile. Each time they go to their appointment, they see a different dentist.

Usually the dentists that they see are recent grads and are still learning the craft. Also the owners of the practice are not in the practice making sure everything is running smoothly.

Here’s the contrast of Dente. Dente opened in 2006 and is owner operated. I’ve been practicing close to 25 years and have seen close to 10,000 patients in my lifetime.

Dentistry is my hobby. Each and every day I’m looking to get better and better. It’s no different than the golfer that wants to knock off a few strokes on their golf game.

Every weekend, I’m taking some online continuing education courses, or reading some dental books, or attending a course or convention.

I love it and when you walk into the office you’ll feel it.

If you have any friends or family that’s had their dentist recently retire, please send them our way. Tell them to visit us at or call 773-292-1911 to schedule their appointment.

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